Book Review: Gone Girl

I'm really on the fence with this book. I don't know whether to give it four stars or three. I'm not going to give it five because of the ending chapters.

Jillian Flynn is an exceptional writer taking us through the lives of Nick and Amy Dunne from their beginning romance to their fifth wedding anniversary when she disappears. Chapters are "written" by Nick and Amy with Amy telling her diary what Nick has done or not done.  Through the book you'll feel bad for Amy and with all the evidence, feel Nick just may have had a part in her disappearance.

You kind of guess towards the end but the twisted end leaves you speechless or ranting with statements like, "what the he**?"

I thought about it for a long time and either it's a good ending for karma to bite him or we may get a sequel out of it. Why not? Fifty Shades did and the book was so dang repetitious and predicable and it had two more put out.

I haven't seen the movie and not sure if I will unless it's close enough to the book. Then again I may find myself wound up knowing how the end is going to be.

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