Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Clean Slate

I've had this blog for about six years and over the months, I've had some great posts, sponsor'd giveaways, DIY and other ramblings.

I've recently asked around for feedback about overhauling my blog. I received feedback that I need more giveaways, more mommy blogs, blog my DIY projects, book reviews... However, the largest percentage wants giveaways. I understand many seek out blogs for winning but I'm not a full time blogger due to working full time and commuting. Alas, I've lost some readers due to this. 

I would like to get my radio buttons back on. After I paid someone to help, the codes were messed up and haven't been the same. Please be patient while I figure out the button and the tagging issues.

I'm a grandma and really want to expand out and not be another "mom". I understand us baby boomers are a bit outnumbered right now. With that said, I will include tips, links, freebies etc geared for mom's as well as anyone. 

I totally wiped out all my prior blogs. I'm starting with a clean slate. New year, new posts. I'll be updating helpful links soon. 

I don't use cookies; however, google does. I'm a small time blogger, enjoying socializing and if I can help one person create a fast healthy meal, re do an old wood chair, get a free food item or other goodie; I'm happy. 

Stay tuned for my new blog post coming. It will be a small giveaway to bring in the new year. Yes, I'm a bit late but hey, who doesn't like fun giveaways?

I'm always interested in tips, opinions and ideas.